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    The structure and the contents of the training

    On our extensive analysis by our experts on you in the screening test, we provide you training for the respected domain which our experts as analyzed on you. Its completely will be a research and development procedure. Students will be trained with basics, he/she need to do techincal research and development of the project/product asigned to them. Technical guidence will be provided to them by our experts. We are passionate about building software products and also to build the people who are equally passionate about product development and its culture. Our exclusive finishing school helps the fresh engineering graduates to benefit from learning technical, professional, ethical, interpersonal skills with practical approach.

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    Placement after the training

    We provide the complete evaluation of your skills, personality profiling If you are identified as a successful developer in our evaluation, you will be offered a placement with-in-our software dvelopment division. Learning is not for the sake of learning, learning is for performing and creating value, we train people on applying the knowledge to create true value. We teach, coach and mentor to help you further extend your overall performance and succeed as true IT professional.

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    Our Methodology of Training

    Start with the problem first, learning , performing to address the problem in a scientific and systematic way Promotes exploratory learning, you are introduced to the key concept and forced to explore the details of the subject in and around the concept It provides completeness to your learning cycle, cyclic method of learning, perfoming and teaching''80% of your efforts goes for brain work thinging, analyzing the problems, designing the solutions..20% for rest of the grunt work

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    Training Environment

    We train people on various cutting edge technologies , product development and product testing skills. Our finishing school concept builds the IT professionals who can be 100% productive from day one. Our training modules include Developers stream , Testers stream and also mobile technologies. The Trainees who perform well in the training period will be placed in our Company.
    You may have further questions on this training , please feel free to visit our training center with prior appointment or contact us